Each case is different. Each software is different. Each marketing approach should be different. We treat every customer as an individual case that has to be analyzed and solved. We do not provide ANY automatic or ‘recipe’ services, instead we provide a high level approach that is suitable for you.

For convenience we offer our services in four different packages.

  • SUBMISSIONS. A simple package for building your PAD file and managing your submissions to more than 600 software sites, more than 300 directories and many hundreds search engines. The cost of this choice is $195 USD.
  • STANDARD. This is our introductory package that includes the most basic marketing needs. Suitable either for a ‘marketing’ boost or for an initial launch of a software. The cost of this choice is $250 USD.
  • EXECUTIVE. Our second package provides you with high level marketing support and promotion for your software for three months. It costs $375.
  • PREMIER. This package is similar to the previous package but provides you with marketing promotions support for six months. The price of this package is $650.
  • CUSTOM. If you want to pick-n-mix our services or get into a higher level of collaboration with us you can contact us for a customized approach to your case.

Each of the packages corresponds to one software license.